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All the different Links and Books about avian and pandémic Flu.

Books on Influenza

: La connaissance des virus grippaux et de leurs variations génétiques, les méthodes de diagnostic, les moyens de traitements et les vaccins ont fortement progressé au cours des quarante dernières années.
"La grippe en face", fruit du travail de vingt experts sous la direction du Pr. Yves Buisson, est un outil didactique qui fait le point des connaissances en la matière et apporte des réponses simples et pratique aux questions que pose cette maladie.
L'ouvrage tire partie des possibilités des nouvelles techniques d'information et de communications et a été conçu pour faciliter l'autoformation des professionnels de la santé.



H5N1 Journal Articles

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 You can cover most of the key H5N1 sites by yourself, just by following some of the links I use every day.

News gatherers come first:
NewsNow: Bird Flu is usually very dependable and up to date, though it sometimes produces echo reports when some news source belatedly picks up an ancient story.

Reuters AlertNet is also very good, though it offers a much narrower range of stories and doesn't update often enough.

Bird Flu Breaking News is an excellent source of both news stories and blog posts on H5N1.

Google News - Health can be very good, but when H5N1 doesn't inspire a lot of news stories, Google will drop it altogether.

Among the hot-zone sources, here are the ones I check most often:
Jakarta Post and Antara are essential for Indonesian coverage, but click through to their National pages. Sometimes they bury the flu news.

Vietnam's Thanh Nien Daily is super. But check the other hot-zone Vietnamese links as well.

I have new links to Ghanaian sources, but's Health page will give you a wider view of events in Africa. It will also give you a sobering sense of how many health problems the continent faces.

An excellent weekly news gatherer is SciDev.Net, which offers a review of the previous week's major stories every Monday.

Among the flu bloggers, three are must-reads:
Effect Measure has been covering H5N1 longer than anyone, and providing very informed comment.

Avian Flu Diary does great work at covering major news stories and interpreting them.

The Coming Influenza Pandemic is another longtime flu blog, but it doesn't update until late at night, Pacific time. So check it first thing in the morning.

The other flu bloggers don't update often, but they offer some valuable contributions.

If H5N1 breaks out in some new country, you may be able to find breaking news through Kidon Media-Link or

You'll find a lot of links to flu discussions, but the only ones I visit regularly are The Flu Clinic and New Flu Wiki Forum.

Of course you should check the many WHO sites listed in the upper left-hand column—especially WHO's home page, which will offer regular updates on the Geneva assembly. I hope WHO Indonesia will offer a new and detailed update also.

Health Agencies

H5N1 Crisis Planning & Management

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